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Portland Water Bureau

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Water Leak Repair Program Application

The Portland Water Bureau works with community partners and local plumbers to offer free water leak repair services for eligible customers. Common repairs are leaky toilets, faucets, and underground pipe leaks. Sewer repairs are not eligible. Complete this application to apply for leak repair.

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Questions about eligibility? We're here to help: 503-823-4527 or 

Do you have an active City of Portland drinking water account?

Water leak repair assistance services are currently only available to Portland Water Bureau customers.  For help with referrals to other organizations that may be able to help, please call: 503-823-4527.

Are you responsible for paying your sewer/stormwater/water bill?

You must be responsible for paying your bill to be eligible for water leak repair assistance services.  For help with referrals to other organizations that may be able to help, please call: 503-823-4527.

Do you own and occupy the home where work is to be done?

Water leak repair assistance services are currently only available to homeowners who live in the home.  For help with referrals to other organizations that may be able to help, please call: 503-823-4527.

Are you currently enrolled in the City’s sewer/stormwater/water bill discount program? Or have you recently submitted an application for the bill discount program?

Please apply for the City's sewer/stormwater/water bill discount program first. For help with enrollment in the bill discount program, please call 503-823-7770 or visit us online.

Tell us about you.

Home Address

Is your mailing address the same as your home address?

Mailing Address

How did you first hear about our water leak repair program?

Tell us about the water leak.

Is this a wastewater leak (drain, clog, sewer backup, etc.)?

What is leaking? (check all that apply)

Is this an issue with a leak we have repaired through this program in the past?

Do you still have access to hot water?

What impact (if any) has the leak had on your quality of life and wellbeing? For example, has it affected how you access your water, the structure of your home, or your health and safety?

Demographic information (optional)

Within the broad categories below, where would you place your racial or ethnic identity? Select all that apply.

How do you identify your gender? Select all that apply.

Do you live with a disability? Select all that apply.

What language or dialect is used most in your home?

Additional resources

Our water leak repair partner organizations offer free home repair and weatherization services (including insulation, furnace inspection, heating and duct improvements, air sealing, and energy education).

Are you interested in information about these services? If you may qualify, we will ask our partners to send you information about these programs.

The questions below will help us determine if you may be eligible for additional free home repair and home weatherization services.

Your furnace is:

Is your furnace working?

Permission to work in your home and share your information

  • I own this property and have answered all the questions on this form completely and truthfully.
  • I give the City of Portland, Water Leak Repair Program partners and their contractors permission to evaluate and repair fixtures in my home.
  • I understand that the repair work may not come with a warranty. A professional contractor will do the work, and the City or Water Leak Repair Program partners will work with me to address any issues that may come up because of the repair. I agree that I am taking on the risk of having this repair work done in my home.
  • If I sell my property within two years of the repair being done, I will pay back the City of Portland the full cost of the repair work.
  • I give the City of Portland permission to share this application information with the designated Water Leak Repair Program partners and sub-contractors so they can coordinate my repair and send me information about programs that I may be eligible for.

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