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Portland Water Bureau

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Water Leak Repair Assistance Application

The Portland Water Bureau works with community partners and local plumbers to offer free water leak repair services for eligible customers. Common repairs are leaky toilets, faucets, and underground pipe leaks. Sewer repairs are not eligible. Complete this application to apply for leak repair. Note: We are not able to reimburse for repairs made outside of the program.

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Permission to work in your home and share your information

  • I will answer all the questions on this form completely and truthfully.
  • I give the City of Portland, Water Leak Repair Program partners, and their contractors permission to evaluate and repair fixtures in my home.
  • I understand that if my home has existing plumbing problems or maintenance issues, City of Portland, Water Leak Repair Program partners, and their contractors will not be responsible for any damage related to those existing problems.
  • I agree that I am taking on the risk of having this repair work done in my home.
  • I give the City of Portland permission to share this application information with the designated Water Leak Repair Program partners and subcontractors so they can coordinate my repair.
  • I am submitting this information with the expectation that it will be kept confidential and that the City will only release the information if ordered to do so under Oregon’s Public Records Law.

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Questions about eligibility? We're here to help: 503-823-6060 or 

Do you have an active City of Portland drinking water account?

Water leak repair assistance services are currently only available to Portland Water Bureau customers.  For help with referrals to other organizations that may be able to help, please call: 503-823-4527.

Do you own and live in the home where the leak is located?

Water leak repair assistance services are currently only available to homeowners who live in the home.  For help with referrals to other organizations that may be able to help, please call: 503-823-4527.

Are you planning to sell your home in the next year?

The goal of the Water Leak Repair Program is to help homeowners remain in their homes. The program is not intended to prepare homes for sale. If you have any questions or concerns, please call: 503-823-6060.

Applicant information.

How did you first hear about our water leak repair program?

Leak description.

What is leaking? (check all that apply)

Is this a wastewater leak (drain, clog, sewer backup, etc.)?

Do you still have access to hot water in your home?

What impact (if any) has the leak had on your quality of life and wellbeing?

Is this an issue with a leak we have repaired through this program in the past?

Water-saving devices and more.

We offer free water-saving devices that we can mail out to you (showerheads, faucet aerators, toilet leak detection tablets, and more). 

Would you like us to mail you a free set of devices?

Would you prefer a standard or handheld showerhead?

Demographic information

Completion of this section is not required and is therefore completely voluntary. Portland is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and uses provided demographic information to help ensure that services reach a broad cross section of community. State and federal law prohibit use of this information to discriminate against you.

Which of the following describes your racial or ethnic identity? Please select ALL that apply.

What language(s) are spoken or signed at home?

How do you identify your gender? Select all that apply.

Government programs, services, and events sometimes have barriers that prevent people with all kinds of bodies/minds from being part of what we offer. We want to understand and eliminate these barriers. We’re asking these questions so we can plan easier-to-access programs, services, and events.

Do you identify with having or living with a disability?

If yes, please describe the nature of your disability. Select ALL that apply:

Are you an enrolled member, and/or a descendant, of a Federal or State recognized American Indian Tribe or Alaskan Native village/corporation? Mark and describe all that apply.

**AAAH & CEP Partner Use Only**

This question is for staff use only to indicate direct referrals. If you're not a staff member of one of our leak repair partners, please skip.

Application Number

You will be provided with a Application Number upon submission.